I am a body educator.
I help people through hands on therapeutic methods and personalized movement therapy.


Every day I wake up and realize I am on a mission in my life...

...and it makes me so excited! I love my job as a massage therapist and movement educator.  I am always seeking knowledge about the human body, human movement and how I can apply what I know to helping others to live and feel better in their bodies for a whole lifetime.

As Joseph Pilates famously stated “change happens through movement and movement heals”.   Movement has been instrumental in my health, wellness and healing processes for as long as I can remember.  Growing up whenever I felt sick or emotionally bad, I would walk or run at the beach or in the woods. I could never just sit still.   I was restless.  I know now that there are great benefits to stillness and meditation, but at the time I was turning to what felt good and what I thought worked for me.  

In my daily work with clients this may mean movement lessons or hands on manual therapy that helps to develop keen body listening and awareness skills.   This process is all about embodiment and listening to the language of the body through movement and sense.   I am a committed lifelong learner . Some of my education, mentorship and influence comes from the work of Dr. John Upledger, Jill Miller, Katy Bowman, Jules Mitchell, Anatomy Trains, Stott Pilates and classical Yoga with the Esther Vexler School. I will continue to adapt and refine what I teach based on my personal  self study,  current movement science and most of all my students. 

I expect that I will continue to be shaken up by knowledge bombs from the yoga, science, health and fitness communities for many years to come.  In the present moment, my core intention is to help people to develop keen body listening and awareness skills because these nurture and fortify self empowerment.  When we tune into our body’s languages and add variety to our movement — we make positive change or better -- magic happens!


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Certifications, Licenses, Trainings & Memberships
Massage Therapy Practitioner (licensed in Texas, New York & Iowa)
Upledger Craniosacral Therapy CS1, CS2, SER1 (certification candidate pending)
Yoga TuneUp®
The Roll Model Method®
The Melt Method® (Hand & Foot Instructor)
Stott Pilates
Foot Reflexology