Private Yoga, Movement and Bodywork.

$80 for 60 minutes
$120 for 90 minutes
Buy 5 60-minute packages and get 15% off

My private yoga training is based on the Yoga Tune Up ® model and integrates fundamental teachings from Hatha Yoga, Pilates, Hanna Somatics, weight training, joint mobilization and Feldenkrais to best serve the individual needs of each client or student. I use tools from  Yoga Tune Up® and The Melt Method® therapy ball exercises to give clients work to do at home that enhances and prolongs the benefits of their instruction or bodywork time. 

Both movement and massage work can be combined in one session depending on the duration of the appointment. 
Available to travel at additional fee. 

Not able to meet in person?

I am thrilled to announce that I am now offering Video Chat Sessions. I love exploring new ways I can work with my clients. Video conferencing applications allow us to work together without  geographical limitations. 

Studio classes, events and retreats. 

Customized Classes at your Studio or Event

Personalized programs customized for your groups’ special needs.  If you have an event or a group of people that could use some ROLL-ief , I can create a meaningful program to serve their needs ie: film crews on location, traveling musicians on tour, a visiting athletic or dance team,  nurses, doctors, dental hygienists, wedding parties, firefighters - if you have bodies, they very likely KNEAD this work.  

Weekly Group Public Classes

I teach self massage and Yoga Tune Up® classes and special workshops in and around San Antonio at various studios.  If you would like to offer a customized self massage workshop at your studio please contact me.

Class & Workshops

Corporate Wellness and Retreats

Provide support and comfort for team members who stand, sit or move repetitively in your work environment.  I can offer a lunchtime or break-out session of  20, 30, 60 or 90 minutes segments.  We can create a customized program with movement, breathing strategies and self massage techniques for easing the tensions of the body that are exacerbated by prolonged and repetitive activities like sitting, typing or standing in one place.  Participants can be in workplace attire no special equipment necessary.

Let's talk more about how I can bring movement and bodywork to your organization! 

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