"At the heart of Diana's practice is this amazing combination of sincerity and warmth.  Her finely tuned ability to read the body and find pathways to healing are informed by a clear and thorough understanding of various approaches to body work.  She is inherently curious and relentless in her pursuit of knowledge.  Diana possesses a unique ability to synthesize her mastery of techniques in service to the needs of each situation.  She is truly a healer."


“I have learned more about my body and myself  from working with you these last few months than I have learned in my years of working out and physical therapy”


“Diana has the knowledge of the body and body therapy  which creates a very peaceful and nurturing environment in her studio. She also has a very calming demeanor and nurturing touch that put me at ease and evoked a trust not only in how she performed the therapy on me but also a trust in your after therapy instruction to me and how I could improve my physical well being in my everyday life by performing simple tasks or exercises.”

"...being an older athlete of many sports, and using my body as a carpenter for most of my working life, I have accrued many injuries and surgeries over my lifetime. And, like most of us,  I have learned to live with pain and physical limitations. Diana has taught me that I don't have to accept that. She is a knowledgeable and intuitive instructor. In just ten weeks I have learned more about repairing and strengthening my body, than in the previous decade. I have a renewed vigor for working out, and am eager to see where I will be in the next ten months!"