Hello! I am Diana Duncan and I am a licensed massage therapist and yoga/movement educator. I am completely obsessed with learning all things related to movement and  bodywork and how they support holistic health.

I offer individuals powerful tools for daily living that improve strength, integrity, comfort and ease within the body.  My students and clients learn physical exercises and bodywork practices to reduce pain and improve their quality of living for a lifetime.

It is my goal to fortify the bodywork we do on the table with movement education for your individual body needs. This desire has led me to study many diverse movement practices like Yoga Tune Up®, pilates, somatic yoga and strength training. As I learn I constantly evolve my bodywork practice to include all of this knowledge into my treatment space with my clients and students.

What that means is that you can come to me and enjoy a relaxing or rejuvenating massage and in a separate session I can guide you with exercises that develop a strong and supple physical body that supports itself from the inside out with balanced muscular ease and strength.